From her first year of acting to her dream pet, Gracelyn Fulmer shares how she is living her best 9 year old life.  Don’t miss Gracie’s advice on how she overcomes nerves and reduces anxiety. 
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Acting, Animals, And Living Your Best 9 Year Old Life

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From her first year of acting to her dream pet, Gracelyn Fulmer shares how she is living her best 9 year old life.  Don’t miss Gracie’s advice on how she overcomes nerves and reduces anxiety. 

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  • Gracie’s ballet and acting experience
  • The audition process for a musical
  • Gracie’s best life advice. 
  • What Gracie wants to be when she grows up
  • Gracie’s favorite animal.
  • What it’s like to share a room with siblings


From her first year of acting to her dream pet, Gracelyn Fulmer shares how she is living her best 9-year-old life.  Don’t miss Gracie’s advice on how she overcomes nerves and reduces anxiety.


Gracelyn is Ahna and Zach Fulmer’s first-born daughter. She is 9 years old and going into 4th grade. Her hobbies include acting, playing the piano, and ballet. She is also an avid lover of animals.

From her first year of acting to her dream pet, Gracelyn Fulmer shares how she is living her best 9 year old life.  Don’t miss Gracie’s advice on how she overcomes nerves and reduces anxiety. 

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When I was in my audition, I was scared. I told myself, just do it, but have fun with it. Don’t do it. And then when you walk out, say to yourself, now I’m done. I don’t have to do that again. Maybe you didn’t wanna do that, but at least tell yourself that was fun. Welcome to the imperfectly empowered podcast with leading DIY lifestyle blogger on a full.
Where women are inspired with authentic stories and practical strategies to reclaim their hearts and homes by empowering transformation. One imperfect day at a time. Hello, and welcome back to another episode of the imperfectly empowered podcast. I’m your host, Anna Fuller. Today. It is my privilege to introduce you to Graceland fuller.
Gracie is nine years old. She’s going into fourth grade. She is my first born daughter, mini me minus the curls, and we are going to chat about her love of animals, her experience this far in the performing arts and her expert. Advice on living your best nine year old life. Welcome Graceland fuller. Hi. Hey SIS.
Hi. Welcome to the podcast. Oops, this is awkward because I’ve never done this before, but okay. , you’re gonna do great. The video is very confusing. I just interviewed Caleb and he was very distracted by seeing himself on the screen. I think that was part of
the problem. I can’t stop looking over. It’s it’s it’s rude. Just look at me, just look at me. Gracie. You just wrapped up third grade. What was your favorite part about third grade. And what was your favorite thing that you learned? My teacher was awesome. You did love your teacher. She was awesome. Yeah, she she’s the best.
And I say I loved writing stories and she. Helped me just learn more stuff about writing things. Yeah. You love writing, you love writing and drawing and reading all of the above. You had a lot of firsts this year. So this was the very first year that you ever did the performing arts. So you’ve played piano for what is it?
Four years now? I think this was your fourth piano recital. That’s crazy. And we’ve kept it really low key for her. She goes every other week, although we might bump that up this year for the first time. So we’ve just kind of kept it chill. Her piano teacher is also amazing. We love him as well. He’s an old family friend, so you do piano, but then this year you had a brand new experience.
Ballet and acting. Yeah, the performing arts academy. We will give a shout out to the kava academy. They’re amazing for anyone local. And so you did acting and you did ballet. What was it like doing that for the very first time you were the youngest? I think in both classes, not in ballet. Okay. Not in ballet.
Yeah, acting you were significantly younger. I snuck you into, we couldn’t do the other, the age, the one for your age. So we snuck you into a different night. That was for, I think like, I think it was like what? 10 to 13 year olds or something or like 12 to four. It was anyway, but you reacted it. You did amazing.
So tell me about your very first year in ballet and acting. Okay. So talking about ballet, I liked it. I knew a lot of my friends from. Something I did last year in the summer, but it was just weird because there were a lot of older people around me, older kids, but I thought it fun. Yeah. You had a, you had a great time.
Yeah. Yeah. And, but it was a little nervewracking to do it. Yeah. For, yeah. The first time, I think a lot of times it’s you just don’t know what to expect, especially if you’ve never danced before or you’ve never done anything like that. And then. There was acting as well. Do you remember? I was so proud of the progress that you made over the course of one year.
Do you remember the showcase that you had halfway through the year in December? So they did an end of the semester. Yeah. And they all had to do monologues and. Then at the end of the year in June, they did group scenes. Talk to me about the difference between your showcase in December versus your showcase in June.
How confident were you, what was the difference between December and June? Do you remember? I definitely felt. Like braver, less nerve wracking when I was with people in June, but in December I felt weird because I’ve never, I I’ve never like done something on my own. I’ve never really experienced doing and doing.
Saying something by myself. I just in front of everyone, it just felt like it wasn’t me, but with a little help of my awesome mom and dad , um, I was able to accomplish it. So you did. Yeah. And I will never forget you came off the stage and. After it was all done in December. And we had a lot of conversations.
Didn’t we? I mean, there was a lot of like, you can, you wouldn’t let go to you. Wouldn’t let me go to bed until I finished it. I did. I made you practice over and over. So you felt more confident to do it. And then you were so nervous and it was your very first time on stage speaking and giving a monologue or acting or whatever.
And I’ll never forget, you came up to me afterwards and you said. That was really cool. I wanna do it again. I loved it. You, you were so proud of yourself that you did it, and it was so sweet to watch that. And then fast forward to June, that one, I felt more confident in. You rocked it, you rocked your group scenes.
It was so fun to watch all of you kids come together and do these scenes from different Disney shows or, you know, different scenes that were picked by your teacher. And then you had another first, you had your very first ever audition. You were so, so for those of you listening and watching, Gracie is super excited to be a musical.
She can’t wait to pull it all together, but she’s never had voice lessons. You know, I’ve been able to teach her some things, but I am by no means a professional vocal instructor. And you had your very first audition. Tell us what that was like auditioning for a musical. Were you just a little bit nervous?
Oh little , uh, your, your exact words were, I’m super scared, but I’m also super excited. Those were your words. when I went up in front of everyone, I thought it fun. So tell us what it’s like. Tell us what it’s like. Cuz a lot of people have never auditioned for something they don’t almost like. So you walk into you prepare a song.
I, I, I sing a song. And in fact, and what song did you sing from your audition? I sing, I sang for the first time in forever from frozen. Give us a quick, how does that one go from where sing us a couple bars from, for the first time in forever. Window was open. So is that door? I didn’t know. They did that anymore.
Who knew own thousand salad plate. So it’s that scene that Anna does and she’s twirling all around. And what if I meet Zoe one anyway? So you did that one. Okay. So tell us, what’s like she prepared that number and then you walk into this room. Yeah, I walk in, I walk in announce my name, my age, and then the song I’m gonna sing and I sing it and I got a call back.
So they sent me back to sing another song. Yeah. So. This is kind of a funny story. Mom, fail slash proud moment. All at the same time, I have been trying to encourage Gracie to audition just simply for the sake of the practice of hearing knows like most performers, anyone who has never auditioned for something, you may not understand this, but most people hear no a lot before they get a.
Maybe you get an ensemble part maybe, but for your very first audition, rarely will you get any part and it’s quite normal and you learn that, you know, you build resilience and it’s important to learn the art of hearing know and not let that debilitate you from future success. So Gracie I’ve been having all these conversations and then.
You went and got a call back crazy child. So still, still wondering if I get the part. Yep. But, so what, what musical did you audition for? Oh yeah. A tale of two cities by Charles Dickens. Yeah. So he wrote it. I don’t know who actually wrote the musical, but the music is beautiful. So talk to other nine year olds, talk to other girls.
What do you do when you feel. Nervous because it’s really nerve wracking. Isn’t it? I mean, you walk into a room and you said there was what three people sitting there staring at you, you handed your music to the pianist and she just was like 3, 2, 1 go
And I was like, um, uh, okay. Anna was rocking and rolling real fast. You had to turn on frozen quickly, but what do you do? What, what do you, what advice do you give to other. Girls who struggle with feeling anxious and like, they’re not good enough and they can’t do it. Okay. So you walk in and as I was, it felt weird in the show.
I know they were all looking at me, but it felt easier. In the room to get auditioned before I was, when I was auditioning, they were just staring at me and it felt weird but actually I did something funny is I did something that my acting teacher taught me to do. Oh, what is that? I clenched you pictured everybody in their underwear.
No, I mean, maybe that would be terrifying. Yeah, that probably, um, okay. Sorry. What did he teach you to do? I squeezed my fist for, I think it was 10 seconds. And then let him go. And then. I didn’t do the other half, cause that would’ve looked weird, but I squeezed my fists for 10 seconds and then let them go for 10 seconds.
And it actually worked. I felt less scared. Interesting. Okay. So, so tell all of your friends listening again, what you do for nerves. So you squeeze your fist for 10 seconds. You let go. And then what was the other. So tell us the whole thing again, the other half. Well, so you squeeze your fist for 10 seconds, then let them go for 10 seconds.
Originally you should be sitting down in a chair because here here’s your knee. You’d CLE in your feet, your legs for 10 seconds, and then let them go for 10 seconds. But that would be kind of hard to do since you were standing up in front of your room. That was really, really good. So you’re basically kinda like squeezing and then releasing, squeezing, and then releasing the tension and the stress.
I love that. So you did that during your audition. Good for you. So what other things would you tell to another friend who might be listening? Maybe it’s not audition related. If she really wants to do something, but she’s scared that she won’t be good at it, or she has doubts that she can do it. What would you say to her?
What kinds of things have you learned to do when you feel like you doubt yourself or that you’re not good enough? What kinds of things do you tell yourself or do you do. Well, I tell myself, just do it sometimes. My girl, wait, hold on a second. this was not planned. Let me just tell you this was not planned.
Okay. Say that one more time for all the people in the back who didn’t hear it. Just do it. Amen. Amen. I’ve succeeded as a mom. except there’s another half to it. okay. Okay. You can say another half. My brain tells me, just do it. If you do it, it’ll be done. But I tell myself. Enjoy it, do it, but don’t feel like when I was in my audition, there was this girl who walked out, looking like, okay, F it’s done.
And I was like, okay. I walked in and I was scared. I told myself, just do it, but have fun with it. Don’t like, do it. And then when you walk out, Say to yourself. Wow. I did it now. I’m done. I don’t have to do that again. Mm. Walk out saying like, okay, I, that was done, but don’t think to yourself. Fine. I’m done.
That was like, I didn’t wanna do that. Maybe you didn’t wanna do that, but at least tell yourself that was fun because you’re gonna feel bad about it. I love that. I think there’s a lot of wisdom in that. And you know, I think too, for moms listening, she’s nine years old and I would love to take a lot of credit here, which it’s, she’s just, God has given her a lot of insight and wisdom in life.
So I can actually take very little credit. One of the things that I think from a standpoint that I’ve learned is finding that balance between, you know, for piano and the things that you do. I do try to push you to practice hard, right? To prepare well, So that you feel more confident than when the performance comes, when that moment comes and you feel prepared, that is half of success is, is the preparation.
But then when the moment actually comes, what do we talk about? It doesn’t matter if you mess up, it doesn’t matter how many mistakes that you make. If you make a mistake, you just enjoy it. Yeah, because it’s done. It’s not like they’re doing enough. It’s not like they’re gonna know if you make a mistake, it’s fine.
It’s not like anyone’s gonna know it’s a mistake. Yep. And even if they do know it’s it’s okay. Because you have made progress, you’ve grown and you’ve done your very best and that’s ultimately. What we want in the end. So that’s kind of my approach. And, and I hope that I communicate that to all my kids.
Like when the show actually happens, when the moment comes, you prepare and then when the performance happens, you just enjoy it and whatever happens happens, and you go with it. So I think Gracie you’ve modeled that very, very well. It’s fun to walk that journey with you. I think you gave great advice. So let me ask you this.
If you could be. Any character from any movie or any musical? Who would you be? Okay. From a Broadway musical or from like a ballet show? A ballet show, like anything. Okay. Or a movie, anything I’m gonna say Broadway musical. Okay. We went to see this one time with my friend. I probably wanna be someone from little woman.
Yeah. Little women. We went to see that musical and it was, it was excellent. It was very, if, if you’re speaking who I wanna be, I’m gonna say maybe Meg, Meg. Yeah, me or Joe. Yeah. Just depends on who possibly even. Yes. Well, Beth dies. So your role would be a little shorter. Well and sad. it would still be fun because I gotta Beth, I gotta meet bed at Beth after the show you did?
Yeah. Uhhuh. So if you’re Meg, you have to kiss Mr. Brooks. Right. And if you’re Joe, you have to kiss Mr. What’s his name? The German dude. No. No. Oh, Lori. Oh. She’s like kissing everybody. That’s true. No, there’s Lori. And then there’s Amy kiss, Lori. No, no, he doesn’t. He doesn’t he Amy kisses. Lori. Wow. There’s so much kissing in this story.
I forgot about that. I don’t think Joe kisses. Anyone. Yeah, she does the German guy. What’s his name, Mr. Um, The professor, the professor bar, Mr. Professor. professor bar, professor bar or something. Bear. I forget his bear. Bear. Yeah. Professor bear. Yeah. I don’t think he, I don’t think in the actual show they kiss.
I think they just get married. they just skip right to the marriage part. Yeah. Well you gotta weigh all these, all these decisions when you try out for these roles. Thankfully that will not be an issue at your nine year old self. Yeah. Next year I could do it because you’ll be no kissing roles. I can tell you that.
Okay. I’ll be best unless you’re kissing me or I’ll be Ms. Kirk, Ms. Kirk. Yeah. Who did you say? I should be like the old decrepit aunt, right? Isn’t that what you said? thank you so much. And apparently I would do well as an old decre. Aunt aunt March. Yeah, sassy and alone. That’s me. All she cares about is being perfect and letting her nieces be perfect.
me and aunt March. Well, so what, or you could be mommy or you could be mommy. Aw. See, don’t you feel like I’m more like a marmy than a decre. Aunt March. Should we? Thank you. Glad we got that settled. Holy smoke. Um, so what do you wanna be when you grow up? Let’s just chat about that for a second. An obviously an actor and a naturalist.
If you’re wondering what that is, I think it’s and a, who. An actor, naturalist, an actor and a naturalist. If you’re wondering what a naturalist is. Yes, I am. It’s basically someone who like, I guess, travels the world or just like studies in their country. They study animals. Huh and dance. They basically just study nature.
And what is the point of this studying? What happens because of the studying? What can you do with it? He sends it, he like, he can either just like, make a website about it, which I’m probably not gonna do that, but. The famous guy that I read about his name is Jeff, but the guy that I read about Jeff, the naturalist, Hey Jeff, Jeff.
Jeff Corwin. Okay. He actually, I think, I think he sent the, all the stuff he studied to like scientists, huh? For them to like. Just to know about the animals. Yeah. He also travels the world and not only studies them in a book that I read, he put a bear to sleep. And because I think she had a hurt Paul that I was reading about really quickly because before the like, sleeping potion ran out, he, um, like, and getting palpitations, just listening to this, the sleeping potion for a bear.
Disturbing he like cemented her paw and checked on like checked on her like a week later. And this was in the wild, this like in the wild, in the wild. Mm. You like animals, don’t you? Yeah, I don’t. Yeah. Are you mad at me that I won’t let you get a. I mean, you’re not gonna be in my house. I need to check with my husband when I grow up oh, my girls really want animals specifically and Gracie’s always, so I’m over I’m I’m over a fart now I’m over a fart.
Oh, yeah. For, for a long time it was a cat. And then she had this brief spell where she wanted a ferret people, a ferret they’re like the ugliest things in the world. Mom, I wanted a black, I wanted a black footed, ferret, a black footed ferret they’re in the Africa. I wanted to travel to Africa, capture one.
Aw. Then you would take it away from its little home. So to be clear, I do not hate animals. Let us make this. Let’s just, no, you do not. It’s not that I hate animals. I just don’t wanna take care of one, hand me a cute little puppy and I will snuggle it all day long. I have nothing against dogs or animals or anything.
I just don’t want to take the time to take care of one. I realize that like knocks me down several notches in some people’s books, but I will happily enjoy your animal. I just don’t want to take care of one in my house. That’s why I had kids. I don’t need a pet. I have children. Thankfully Gracie has forgiven me for that.
And I told her when she is of drinking age, she can buy her own cat. Excuse me. Cause you’re gonna need it. When you’re 21 age. When you’re 21 years old, you can get an animal. Well, on that note, we’re going to take a quick break, but when we come back, stay tuned for speed round of this or that with Gracie and her expert advice on living your best nine year old life, we’re gonna chat a little bit more about animals, right?
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And start your own transformation story. Sorry. We are back here with my daughter Graceland fuller the nine year old wonder curly headed. Wonder. A question that I’m sure I will get asked. Where does she get the curls from? Although you can’t really see them as much right now with your hair up, but she’s got ringlets ringlets they’re not from me.
Um, her daddy’s from my dad. Her daddy’s hair is curly. Although even his hair is not quite ringless. We’re not really sure. I promise she’s ours. Okay. Would you rather chocolate or vanilla? Vanilla? Absolutely. I don’t why everyone wants chocolate now, but you’re like, girl, gimme vanilla. I’m like my dad, I want vanilla.
That’s fair. M and M’s or Skittles, Skittles cake or pie. Depending on what cake, depending on what pie, but the only pie I like is your key lime pie. So pretty much cake. Hmm. What cake do you like? Ice cream cake and cookies and cream cake. Hmm. That’s true. Do you like my ice cream cake? I always forget about that cake.
I should make that again. Would you rather be. Wonder woman or oh, scared where this is leading. Would you rather be wonder woman I’m totally blanking on what is the, um, girl from the Marvel series? Black widow. Thank you, black. I was gonna say black Panthers. Definitely not. Right. Would you rather be wonder woman or black widow?
This black widow or bad guy? Oh, you think so? Think black, no black. Widow’s not a bad guy. I’m thinking of someone else. I think I’m thinking of Harley Quinn. Anyways. It’s probably wonder. Yay.
Would you rather be wonder woman or your mom wonder woman? wonder woman here. You’re not, you’re not cool enough. I’m joking. I definitely do not look quite as good in the spandex as wonder woman. It’s not like it’s not true. You have an invisible belt and you have a whip inside of it. Ooh. I would like one of those though.
Let’s let’s see what we can do about that. Sign me up. Okay. Last question. Would you rather live in the woods by a lake or would you rather live in a house by the beach house? By the beach girl? You and me? Both. Let’s go. All right. So we were just talking about animals, how much you love animals and. How much you wish we could have a pet, but I won’t let us get a pet.
Zach and I are thankfully both on the same page here. So our poor children it’s okay. You have siblings. So let’s talk a little bit. You love dolphins. Are dolphins your favorite animal? Remind me. Yes. Yes. Yeah. Second is, they are so cool. Probably a raccoon. And then a third is a two. I will never forget when I was in Florida with my family, with my siblings and we were scuba diving and we were out on the boat in Florida and the drivers, the boat captain saw dolphins.
And he said that they tend to live in this particular area of where we were and he threw a tennis ball to them and the dolphins hit it back into the boat. I kid you. It might have been a rubber ball, not a tennis. I know why hit it back in. That was the coolest thing they made me. So happy dolphins are one.
I like, I think this is unique because dolphins are like one on the whole planet of an animal that won’t jump up and bite. Someone’s head off like a tiger. A lion will or your. Or my sister they’re happy. They just seem so happy. And the way they talk, they’re domesticated, they’re domesticated. They’re domesticated what that mean?
It means like you can have it as a pet. That’s why I found out dolphin. Yes. For real. Yes. That’s why my 20, that’s why my 2020 resolution was, I wanted a dolphin. First of all, my nine year old is making resolutions. Let’s just talk about that for a minute. I did not know they were domesticated and that I could have ’em as a.
I might have to change my bucket list. So let’s talk for a second about how they communicate. How do dolphins communicate dolphins communicate by using echo location? So they make noises. Yes. If one dolphin is close in the shore and another dolphin is far out and they can’t whistle or click to each other.
They send an wave of echo location to them and they know what they’re saying. They also use that to hunt for food or, or like find out if predators here. Like maybe we should try that sometime. Yeah. Can we use echo location? Uh, no. if I just throw out sound waves, will you hear me when I need you for something?
Nope, you’re gonna have to yell sucks. We need dolphins. so if you could have any animals, a pet we’ve already mentioned that you want a dolphin as a pet, except I think a dolphin would be very sad in our bathtub and maybe not live very long. So that might be off the table. Well, if I have a dolphin, I bill a pool for it, a very big one, but then it would be sad because they can’t talk to anybody with its echolocation, then I’ll buy two so they can just chat with each other.
I hope they like each other. yeah. Cause they’re stuck for a long time and T minus two seconds before Lily tries to ride both of them. Okay. Here we go. LL buy the girl. My husband will buy the boy. Well, that is fair. I love how you’re married. Married. We can have more dolphins. You’re married in all of these scenarios.
So like, is your husband essential to owning a pet? I’m gonna have to ask him, huh? Oh, you’re so thoughtful. Aw, that is nice. So, okay. Speaking of our, your siblings and. If Caleb was any animal, what would he be? Which animal does Caleb remind you of your brother? Caleb? Well, Caleb is crazy. Not as crazy as Lilly, but he’s crazy in a different way.
Caleb is hilarious. Yeah, he’s also really smart. I could see him as a chimpanzee for some reason. because first of all, you could do Caleb as a monkey. That’s first of all. Yeah, you’re not wrong. Okay. I could see it. Chimp Chi chimpanzee are a gorilla because chimpanzees and gorillas are playful, but they’re also smart.
Mmm. Like gorilla’s no sign language and I’m not joking about that. Hmm. Gorilla’s no, no sign language. They’re not domestic. So Caleb reminds you of a chimpanzee and he has a lot less hair than one that’s for sure. Yeah, not sure. Sure. Yeah. Must counting the hairs on his body. but he is smart. Yeah, Ash, but he is smart.
Okay. So Caleb reminds you of a monkey. Okay. And then what about Lily? If Lily were an animal. Which animal would she be? What’s crazier than a lion, um, crazier or more dangerous? I feel like they’re different. um, maybe a mix , what’s crazy and dangerous. Like, I don’t know, a, a venomous snake, a venomous snake, and Lily, we love you.
We love you. Yeah, but here’s oh, okay. Here’s the thing about Lily. Lily is so cute. You’ve gotta find an animal. That’s true. That is like super cute. And you wanna go up and pet it? We have to be careful because it might bite your finger off. AALA. What? AALA bite your finger off. I don’t know. No, AALA’s too lazy.
Oh, that’s not Lily. That is not really at all. That’s me. Yeah. Also not true. You are definitely not lazy. Well, I don’t know if anyone has any animal suggestions. Cute. Cuddly, super sweet, but can turn on you in an instant. That would be Lily. Lily is our wild card and we love her dearly for it. You guys are little BFFs.
We, we like to joke about Lily and her, her thorny side, but the fact is. She is also the biggest sweetheart you will ever meet when you’re sick, Lily will come up and like hug you and pat you on the back and bring you water and tissues and yeah. And then the next minute she’s a wild child. You guys have been sharing a room for several years now.
What is that like? Yeah, that was hard at first painful and still painful. It was very pain. Listen. It was painful for me as a mother at first, because you guys would like agitate each other, like crazy. When we moved into our last house and we only had three bedrooms. So you guys had to share a room and she was only what two, maybe, maybe two.
So you guys been sharing a room for three years now, but tell me I’m wrong. You actually like sharing a room with her and you don’t like when she’s not sleeping in the room with you. Okay. Yes, that’s true. Yeah. If she’s sleeping in your bed, Caleb’s not here. I wanna sleep. You want her to her bed too? Yeah.
You want her to come sleep in your room? Yeah. So if I’m in my bed, but I’m disappointed about something she’s gonna climb up the backside of Caleb’s bed. Get on my bed and start sleeping with me. Yeah’s because she’s sad for me. Yeah. She is a sweetheart like that. We love Lily. Lily needs like another year or two before she comes on here for an interview.
Cuz she would just be a goofball the whole time. I don’t think we’d have much of a conversation, but she is a sweetheart and I love seeing you guys become little BFF sisters. What do you guys call each other? Best sissies. Best sissies. Yes you do. Yes, you do. Well, a couple quick questions on living your best nine year old life.
If you. Could be president at nine years old and change something. What would it be? Um, that Chick-fil-A would be open on Sunday. No, that’s what I would do. Sorry. I’m just kidding. I have so much admiration for them, but the only days I stop and think I want Chick-fil-A today, it’s always a Sunday. Anyway.
That’s my problem. Not yours. What would you change? Well, going back to animals probably. Literally, if they litter something I’m gonna put ’em in jail. Ooh. For at least a week, maybe. So like maybe just three days. So like pollution, if people are, I guess that’s not pollution. If people, if people are like littering invading somewhat an animals or plant space, they’re gonna get.
I’ll be the, I’ll be the president for the whole world and watch over everyone. Gracie. It was so fun to have you on here. You are going to change the world one day. You don’t have to be president to change it. Order in the court order in the court. Yes. This should judge, basically the vice president of our home.
It feels like . Well, thank you for coming onto my podcast. I love you. Fourth grade girl. Hi mom. Bye baby. Thanks for listening to this episode of the imperfectly empowered podcast. I would love to hear your thoughts from today. Head to your preferred podcasting platform and give the show an honest review and let me know what you think.
Remember, you cannot be redefined only redeveloped one imperfect day at a time. Your story matters and you are loved.

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