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The Key To Connecting With Your Kids 

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Navigating the stormy seas of parenting can often feel like a journey without a map. That’s where Heather Frazier, our beacon of light, comes in. In a heart-to-heart, Heather, a seasoned parenting coach, sheds light on the undulating dynamics of raising teenagers.

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Heather takes us through her own voyage of discovery, from personal trials to triumphs, offering a treasure trove of wisdom for parents adrift in the tumultuous waters of adolescence. All too familiar with the traps of seeking validation through our children, Heather helps us chart a course toward recognizing their internal victories, the kind that truly shapes character.

Heather doesn’t shy away from the raw realities of the parent-teen power struggle. She delves into the nuances of control, sharing anecdotes and strategies that transform resistance into mutual respect.

The conversation turns to the anchor of support, acknowledging that raising children often takes a village—or at least a group chat. We discuss the power of community through parenting support groups and coaching, especially during the formative years of junior high and high school. Whether it’s the weekly one-on-one sessions that keep us afloat or the group programs that navigate us through shared experiences, Heather and I celebrate the journey of parenting, honoring the resilience, love, and transformation that comes with the territory.

About Heather Frazier

Heather Frazier is a leading expert on understanding and parenting teens. As the host of Pivot Parenting podcast with over 200 episodes, she has the skill to break down relationship struggles and turn them into strengths. She spent 6 months being featured on ABC4’s highly rated daytime show, Good Things Utah, has been published in Holistic Life magazine, and just wrote the widely regarded book, How I Fixed My Teen. Heather is the go-to expert when you need help sorting out the chaos that is life with a teen.

Connect with Heather

Website & Book: www.heatherfrazier.com

Instagram – @heatherfraziercoaching

Free 60-minute consult call – https://heatherfrazier.com/apply/

How To Stop Arguing With Your Teen – https://heatherfrazier.com/stop-arguing-with-your-teen/

Heather’s Favorite Cake (Texas sheet cake): https://tastesbetterfromscratch.com/the-best-texas-sheet-cake/

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