Coffee Chat & Storage Spalunking

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Happy weekend! Grab a cuppa jo and join me for a look at the week in review and our storage spalunking (sp?) adventures.

Is “spalunking” a word?

It is one of those words that sounds legit when spoken but looks absurd now that it is written.

Regardless, Zach and I went “spalunking” in our storage unit for the first time in over 3 years.

And now I just made the word sound inappropriate. Sheesh.

Moving on.

Literally and figuratively we are moving on from this fixer-upper and are now in the process of sorting out our current inventory and deciding what we want to keep, sell, trash, etc.

We have been blessed to find the PERFECT rental home for the next year, or however long it takes to find a property and build, so now my brain is exploding with the finishing details of our current home, to how we will lay out our rental home. and what we want to keep for our forever home.

Did I just give you a headache?


Who would win: Zach or the headboard?

It was so fun to be able to sit in another of Gracie’s classes this semester.

She is taking ballet for the first time this year, and she loves it. She has enjoyed CAVOD so much that she is begging us to be allowed to take 3 classes next year.

These 2 have become buddies, and they are just the cutest.

I can’t wait to watch their final showcase this summer!

I have a pet peeve. Well, I have many pet peeves, but this is one of them.

Do you see this? A pile of dirty clothes beside a completely empty laundry basket. INCHES apart.

I asked Caleb how this situation could possibly have happened, and his reply, “Oh, I didn’t see it there.”

The really frustrating part? I believe him.

Grr. Any tips for making a laundry basket visible again? Let me know!

Lily has decided that she wants a bunk bed in the rental house. She has it all planned out. Gracie will be on the top, she will be in the middle, and Caleb will be on the bottom.

I don’t know that the ceiling will be high enough for a triple-decker, but we are seriously considering two twin bunk beds and having them all share a room.

They sleep together all the time anyway, and this would give me one of the bedrooms for an office. So we will see!!

This week on the podcast celebrity photographer and NASA rocket scientist, John Mollura, shared his incredible story (including a supernatural experience that saved his life) and also some photography tips!

YouTube player

If you love a wild ride, then don’t miss this episode!

Have you ever dreamed of being featured in a magazine? Chief editor of one of the country’s leading decor magazines, Kelly McMaster, shared her journey and her expert advice on how to get featured in a magazine yourself!!

YouTube player

Did you catch the before and after of my foyer bench makeover?!

I applied a stencil design for the first time in years, because stenciling aways feels so intimidating. Thanks to this amazing tool from Disie Belle Paint this project was a breeze.

Ditch the paintbrush and use this incredible tool from Dixie Belle Chalk Paint to easily add a chalk paint stencil design to any piece!

So easy in fact I have another much bigger stenciling project in mind before we sell this house! See what this foyer bench looks like now!

Let’s check out more fun features and inspiration from last week’s wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop.

Make your own antique corbels and shelf using this super easy tutorial! You can get this project done in one day.

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Have a great weekend my friends. I will see you here on Monday!

Ahna Fulmer // Hammers N Hugs

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