the best christmas gift idea
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The BEST Christmas Gift Idea

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Connect to your loved ones this Christmas with the BEST Christmas gift idea – innovative sound wave art by WAVE.

I was compensated with one piece of art for this post.
I do not receive a commission on purchases.
100% of proceeds are donated to charity.
the best christmas gift idea

The BEST Christmas Gift

Last year at this time I would have raised my eyebrows and glossed right over a blog post talking about the best “quarantine Christmas” gift. What is that?

First of all, “Quarantine Christmas” sounds like the premise of a really bad Hallmark movie (that I would totally watch, let’s be honest), and second of all, under what circumstances would we ever choose to isolate ourselves from the people we love during the most wonderful time of the year?

Cue the entrance of a novel virus that shut down the world and continues to keep loved ones at a distance.


One of the most enjoyable things that has come out of these strange days, however, is watching the creativity of mankind blossom. From the most innovative mask ideas …


…to the best Christmas gift for your loved one that will continue to give all year long.

The BEST Quarantine Christmas Gift

Order an 8×8 desktop canvas ($23.95) or 16×20 wall canvas ($29.95) here. $2 shipping and arrives in 5-7 days.

The BEST Christmas Gift idea

I am so excited to share this incredible product that was created and designed by my friend, Cameron Roseman!

Think canvas painting meets a hand-written letter in modern times.

Let me introduce you to WAVE art.

WAVE creates customized art in a matter of minutes through the power of the human voice.

WAVE asks you to record your voice, and then prints the unique sound wave created onto a high-quality canvas along with a scannable QR code that captures the moment forever.

Simply scan the code with a compatible smartphone and listen back to the original recording anytime you like.

Watch Cameron’s “How To” video below at

Questions? Email


Record a verse from your loved one’s favorite song.

Record a snippet from a favorite book.

Record your loved one’s favorite joke.

Record words of encouragement and hope for your kids to listen to while they get ready each morning.

Record Scripture and memorize it each morning while you are getting ready.

Send a modern day love letter to your special someone.

There are so many ways to gift sound wave art.

Visit and order yours today!

*100% of proceeds go to Springfield City Youth Mission !!

  • The best quarantine christmas gift
  • the best christmas gift idea

Isn’t this such a fun idea?! I would love to hear how you gift it!!

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the best chrsitmas gift idea under $30
the best christmas gift ideas under $30

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