christmas gift ideas for mom

10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Mom – From Our House to Yours

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10 easy, tried and true Christmas gift ideas for Moms from our house to yours.   Tested and approved by . . . me!  Happy shopping!

Welcome to the *5 days of Christmas Lists.* 

With Christmas shopping around the corner, each member of the family compiled a 2018 favorites list to pass along to you! 

Christmas Gift Ideas for Mom #1.

Oster Bread Machine

christmas gift ideas for mom

christmas gift ideas for mom

I use this machine on a regular basis to make homemade bread. It has multiple settings for different types of breads, and I like that you can make a 2lb size. My honey oatmeal bread recipe takes 5 minutes to throw the ingredients into the maker in the morning, and then I set it to dinner time and voila delicious homemade bread 10 hours later.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Mom #2.

Danum Water Bottle Infuser

christmas gift ideas for mom

I used this water bottle all the time when I was pregnant, and now I tend to use it a lot in the summer. My favorite combinations are lemon/lime slices and just using orange slices. As long as the bottle stays full of water the citrus infuses for almost a week. A tip is to freeze the fruit slices in separate bags and pull out as needed for a cold refreshing drink.  A great stocking stuffer!


Christmas Gift Ideas for Mom #3.

From Freezer to Table Cookbook

christmas gift ideas for mom

I do not use cookbooks. I end up only using several recipes from one cookbook and then end up never looking at the rest again. That is with the exception of From Freezer to Table from the authors of Thriving Home blog.  This cookbook is the marriage of my two top cooking philosophies – natural and easy. I am a HUGE fan of freezer meals, but I would regularly make up my own recipes to incorporate my commitment to whole food choices. This cookbook is both. They use all-natural ingredients in their recipes and give very specific instructions on how to freeze them, thaw them, and cook them. I cannot recommend this book enough. I have pasted into this book all of my own freezer meal recipes and is my go to source for day in and day out cooking. It also looks pretty sitting on my counter top.


Christmas Gift Ideas for Mom #4.

Flameless Real Wax Pillar Candles with Flickering LED Flames

christmas gift ideas for mom
christmas gift ideas for mom

It is no secret that I love candles, but with kiddos running around these candles look beautiful while giving the peace of mind that if they are bumped over our house won’t burn down. I use these around garlands and in easy to reach kiddo spaces. They come with a remote.


Christmas Gift Ideas for Mom #5.

Oster Personal Blender

christmas gift ideas for mom

Zach and I use this regularly for personal sized smoothies. I also use this often to make breakfast smoothies for the kids in the morning. One smoothie easily goes around for 3 kids with a little left over. 1c frozen fruit, 1c milk, 1 banana, 1T ground flax seed. Kids love it!


Christmas Gift Ideas for Mom #6.

Nespresso Lattissima Plus Automatic Espresso Machine

christmas gift ideas for mom

Zach and I use our Keurig daily for our regular cups of coffee, but this espresso machine is a luxury and the easiest homemade espresso and latte that taste as rich as any specialty drink I have had. We are talking one press of a button with a crema that might surprise even a barista.  Our favorite capsules are the Roma and the Arpeggio. A detailed review of our machine can be found here.


Christmas Gift Ideas for Mom #7.

Reclining Stadium Chair

christmas gift ideas for mom

When Zach became a head football coach I searched Amazon for a stadium chair with arm rests. I have had 3 babies in the last 6 years while he has been coaching, and if I was going to spend hours of my life supporting my husband while holding a baby and sitting on a hard, cold stadium bench then I was going to be comfortable while doing it! Enter this reclining stadium chair. I have had so many moms and dads ask me where I got this reclining, padded stadium chair with arm rests. Well, here it is. If you are regularly sitting on bleachers, then this chair is essential. Trust me.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Mom #8.

TomTom Running Watch

christmas gift ideas for mom

I have had this running watch for almost 4 years, still love it and use it regularly.  I researched running/fitness watches for a long time prior to buying this one, and I landed on the TomTom because it was water proof, light weight, large screen, and a one-touch button to easily adjust while running.  The best bonus – it stores all of my music.  I put on my watch, turn on my  Wireless Running Headphones, press play and off I go.  It stores your workouts and has multiple modes such as running, walking, lifting and swimming.


Christmas Gift Ideas for Mom #9.

Grow Boxes

Christmas gift ideas for mom

For anyone that does not have a green thumb, or even if you do but want vertical growing space these boxes are fabulous. I have grown tomatoes, peppers, all kinds of herbs, and onions in these boxes and reuse them year after year. They have a cage that fits right into the box that I have for my tomatoes and peppers. These are great even for small patios or apartment porches!

christmas gift ideas for mom



Christmas Gift Ideas for Mom #10.

Cupcake Carousel Carrier

My grandmother bought me this, and I use this carrier way more than I ever thought I would. With young kids, it is the perfect way to transport birthday cupcakes to school, muffins to a play date, or holiday treats for a seasonal get together.

Merry Christmas and happy shopping!

Ahna Fulmer // Hammers N Hugs

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