Our French Country Home – Second Floor Plan

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After editing the exterior and the first floor of our home, we are renovating the French Country Home second floor plan.

As mentioned in a previous post I changed multiple aspects of the downstairs layout that was originally designed into the Abberley Lane house plan by John Tee.

The next house plan renovation was upstairs.

I loved the way the house plan integrated a balcony into one of the bedroom walls that overlooked the two-story great room opposite the fireplace.

French Country upstairs plan

In the image below you can see how the balcony overlooking the great room can be opened into the guest suite or closed with double doors.

Sl 683 familyroom02
Image courtesy of Southern Living
Sl 683 balcony
Image courtesy of Southern Living

I felt this house needed to have an open 2 story foyer at the entrance, so I removed the bathroom in between the front two bedrooms to create a two-story foyer and made one of the bedrooms a kid’s loft/study.

french country home upstairs plan

Once that was opened I added another balcony on the loft wall overlooking the foyer to mirror the one overlooking the great room.

french country home upstairs plan

At this stage in the design process we only had two kids, Gracie and Caleb, but we knew our plan was to have 4 kids in the end. 

Knowing that we at least had one of each, I decided to create two suites – a boys’ suite and a girls’ suite. 

The details of these rooms could be decided once we were done having kids.  So I created these suites, got rid of the massive bonus space, and condensed the square footage to that above the first floor.

french country home upstairs plan

Some of you may have noticed the manual dumbwaiter.  Follow along as we start the process of adding the details and character to this new old-world French Country home!

Ahna Fulmer // Hammers N Hugs

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