Back to School 2020
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Back to School 2020

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Back to school masks, back to school essentials, back to school lunch ideas, and back to school pictures!  It’s back to school 2020 with #allthethings!

Back to School 2020

My kiddos have been back to school for exactly one week, and I have never seen them more excited to be at school! We are face to face with masks, and if I am being honest, there have already been days I want to complain about the inconvenient process changes, masks etc, but then I think you know what thanks to an amazing staff my kids get to see their teachers in person and look across their desks at real life kids their own age and I zip it. I am determined to be thankful and count any blessings.
He just met his Kindergarten teacher!
Speaking of masks I looked high and low for kids’ gaiter masks that have a drawstring.  The kids wear these as scarves when they are down and the material is really thin (they do come with a filter pocket AND filters if you want to use them).

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I love them because when I have to run errands and bring the kids these masks don’t get lost or left anywhere because they stay on their neck until we get home where they are hung on the back pack hooks.  

Back to School 2020


OK, let’s get to the good stuff and talk back to school shopping.  There are a couple specific items that I get at the beginning of every school year.

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These water bottles are a staple each year.  My kiddos keep one at school, and one at home.  I throw all the plastic straws out for less cleaning, and the valves are all replaceable.  Back to School 2020

This one is a system!  Two jackets and a beanie for $39, and in my experience, great quality.

Back to School 2020 Back to School 2020

I got this one for Gracie this year.  Lily is wearing Gracie’s old 4T jacket and Caleb’s jacket from Costco last year still fits this year!

Back to School 2020

Winter jackets from Costco.  They usually go into stock around this time of year, and if you wait too long they all sell out and will not become available again (as I have learned).  As a family living in a cold weather state I can vouch for the quality of the winter jackets Costco has sold each year. I first bought one for Gracie when she was 2 (for half the price of most) and have been buying them there ever since.  Highly recommend them.

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If you have been around here for a little while, then you know that I LOVE Crocs for kids.  Every summer they get Croc Sandals and every school year they get a new pair of rain boots.  There is a good reason these Croc rain boots have almost 9,000 5 star reviews!  Those little handles on the side make these a piece of cake for kids to get on, they hold up really well, and they are super easy to clean.

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Did you read my review on this Iron in a Bottle spray by Tom and Sheri?  If you missed it, then read it here.  This stuff is truly nothing short of magical.  I keep one spray bottle upstairs and a travel size in our everything drawer in the kitchen. Before the kiddos head out the door I give a quick spray to shirts and pants that are wrinkled, smooth them out with my hands, and voila.   Just call me super mom who spends hours and hours ironing her children’s clothing (insert me laughing here). Ok, real quick, I have to show you.  Look at the hem on my shorts below. Back to School 2020

Sprayed directly onto the hem.

Back to School 2020

Pulled them straight and flattened them with two 9×13 glass dishes.  Left them for a couple hours.

Back to School 2020

Boom.  I mean it’s amazing.  And they stay straight while wearing.


Back to School 2020

Lunch Ideas

Back to School 2020 Many of you saw this post on Instagram.  Our first day back really went well other than I sent a PB&J with Lily to her nut-free preschool.  Oops. They don’t serve hot lunches at the moment, so we have to pack a lunch.  I have never packed lunches for kids!  It’s so much easier to have them buy, and credit to Michelle Obama for requiring the public school’s to offer much more nutritious food choices. SO . . . I asked for recommendations.  In case any of these are helpful for you here are some that I got!




Hot thermos with soup.

De-constructed sandwich.

Snack tray.


Beef sticks.

Snack packs from Costco.

So many great recommendations!  I am using a lot of them for Lily!  

Back to School 2020


A pre-schooler, a kindergartner, and a 2nd grader.  Someone tell time to slow down, so I can catch my breath. Back to School 2020 I would like to know when this 2nd grader suddenly turned 17 years old.  Good grief.   By the way, here was my simple DIY to make your own back to school sign (HINT: it’s just leftover drywall!) Back to School 2020 And this kindergarten boy.  We walked in to meet his teacher a couple days before school started, and Caleb instantly found his desk, sat down, started coloring, and promptly began to tell his teacher all about a random animal from the African Savannah.  Bahaha.  Pretty sure he will be just fine. Back to School 2020 I hope I get a picture that looks exactly like this in 10 years. Back to School 2020 But wait!  Never to be forgotten (at least not if she can help it) my pre-schooler! Back to School 2020 Grateful that God gifted me with each of these babies and praying His hand of protection and grace over them all this year.  2020-2021 here we come!

How about you?!  Are your kiddos back in person?  Virtually?  Home schooling?

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  1. Oh my goodness such cuteness! Your kids are the ages my boys were when I began homeschooling!… now they’re 7th, Freshman, and Junior. It goes by so fast. My freshman headed back to school this year and packing lunches has been interesting to say the least. After an 8 year hiatus I am out of practice and have been so thankful he’s old enough to pack his own for the most part.

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