21 Healthy Eating Tips for the Holidays
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21 Ways To Prevent Overeating & ENJOY YOUR FOOD

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Worried about holiday weight gain? Use these 21 ways to prevent overeating and actually enjoy your food MORE.

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Worried about holiday weight gain? Use these 21 ways to prevent overeating and actually enjoy your food MORE.

The other day my clients were talking about the holidays and what it looks like going into the holiday festivities with the newly learned nutritional strategies under their belts.

I love what my one client said, “I anticipate the holiday season to be challenging. Gonna have to really dial in on nutrition on the days I’m in control.”


Little did she know this is one of my top tips to eat well and maintain your goals over the holidays.

Dial in on nutrition the days YOU ARE IN CONTROL.

The day that you don’t have anywhere to be or only have dinner in the evening, but otherwise have the rest of the day to yourself.


My clients know that I am passionate about the nutritional aspect of the FASTer Way to Fat Loss because I firmly believe that food was meant to be enjoyed, but society has turned it into a ball and chain so we feel weighed down – literally and figuratively.

Worried about holiday weight gain? Use these 21 ways to prevent overeating and actually enjoy your food MORE.
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21 Ways To Prevent Overeating

I am so passionate about helping my clients change the way they see food that I added several extra bonus hours of training material for my 6-week program clients.

Feel fabulous this holiday season and see results BEFORE the New Year while still enjoying your food by joining my last 6 week round of the year starting on Monday, Dec 5th. Sign up HERE and enjoy the festivities fit and in control.

Regardless of whether or not you are a client of mine I want to share with you 21 ways to prevent overeating and the need for 24/7 stretchy pants during the holidays to help you enjoy the food you eat and, more importantly, the fellowship around it.

These are practical strategies that can be implemented, and I challenge you to choose 5 of these tips and commit to them from Thanksgiving to the New Year.

Let me know how it goes!!

Worried about holiday weight gain? Use these 21 ways to prevent overeating and actually enjoy your food MORE.
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21 Ways To Prevent Overeating

#1. Do not healthify your dessert.

For the love of food STOP trying to make dessert healthy.

I like kale just like the next person (ok actually I think it is disgusting), but don’t you dare blend up anything green into my brownies.

When you eat dessert JUST ENJOY IT. Stop feeling guilty. ENJOY that large piece of cake and then call it quits.

#2. Eat a snack high in protein prior to your meal.

This is a great way to curb hunger prior to a large meal without loading up on unnecessary empty carbs. Check out 21 High Protein Snacks to Grab N Go and keep a few of these handy.

#3. Plan ahead for the meals that you can control.

Little did my client know that this was one of my top tips for holiday eating. This means that if you aren’t going anywhere until dinner time then make sure you dial in on nutrition beforehand. High protein and lots of veggies. NO sweets at home if you know there will be super yummy desserts at dinner.

#4. Have a list of go-to high-protein snacks for traveling.

If you are going to be doing a lot of traveling over the holidays, then be sure to check out that list of 21 High Protein Snacks to Grab N Go and have them on hand for travel as well.

Worried about holiday weight gain? Use these 21 ways to prevent overeating and actually enjoy your food MORE.
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21 Ways To Prevent Overeating

#5. Make a list of your top 5 favorite holiday treats and plan to fully enjoy them.

This is so important. You will hear this concept a lot in this post. ENJOY YOUR FOOD, but do so intentionally so as to set yourself up for success and not failure. If you don’t love Aunt Sally’s chocolate cake but you dream of Aunt Susan’s pumpkin pie from January through October, then forget about the rest of the dessert spread and plan to fully enjoy that homemade pumpkin pie.

If you especially struggle with over-indulging in sweets, then I highly recommend this strategy because it is probably not hard for you to come up with 5 desserts that you love over the holidays. Pick those 5 and make sure you fully enjoy them, but discipline yourself to pass on the other less-than-stellar sugary options.

#6. When filling your plate start with a vegetable first.

Come meal time put a vegetable on your plate first, then protein, then carbs, and adhere to tip #7.

#7. Limit yourself to one dinner plate (FILL IT UP)!

This is a simple concept, but tell yourself you will only fill up with ONE plate. Enjoy it fully, and practice tip #10.

#8. Stay active.

If you are at a family gathering tell everyone to bring a pair of walking shoes, and take a 20-minute walk in between meals or festivities.

Worried about holiday weight gain? Use these 21 ways to prevent overeating and actually enjoy your food MORE.
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21 Ways To Prevent Overeating

#9. Eat slowly.

If there was one tip on this list that I myself need to practice, then it would be this one. As a mom with young kids getting a hot minute to eat uninterrupted is about as rare as a kale smoothie that actually tastes good.

The moments are few and far between, so when they present themselves I find myself eating quickly as though somehow shoveling food into my mouth with unprecedented speed will make it more enjoyable which can unconsciously contribute to overeating. One way to combat this is the next tip.

#10. Practice the 2:1 method (2 bites of food: 1 sip of water).

This is pretty self-explanatory. Take 2 bites off of your plate. Enjoy them. Then take 1 sip of water.

While doing this engage with the conversation around you. If you aren’t super interested in Uncle Bob’s recent cataract surgery, then enjoy the amazing food on your plate and take a moment to find something or someone in the room you are grateful for.

#11. Limit yourself to one dessert plate.

Same concept as tip #7. Enjoy one plate and call it quits.

#12. Chew gum in between meals.

I would be willing to bet the NUMBER ONE reason for overeating during the holidays is NOT too much food during the meals. It is NOT too many sweets for dessert. It is NOT alcohol or too many sugary drinks.

The top reason overeating during the holidays (or really anytime) is SNACKING in between meals.

For many, it is the unconscious process of taste testing everything as it is made – eating the cookie (or 5) that broke while trying to scrape them off the pan. Popping chips and crackers and cheese and candy into your mouth while socializing around the kitchen.

If you find yourself declaring a hearty amen to any of the above, then this tip is for you.

If you are terrified that over the next month you will ruin all the hard work you have put into taking control of your health, then this is a practical way to avoid the unconscious dangers of snacking.

Put a piece of gum into your mouth in between meals to help you restrain and retrain old habits.

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21 Ways To Prevent Overeating

#13. Socialize away from the food.

This also plays into the above tip, but if you are one of those unconscious grazers then I highly recommend joining those in the family room or playing with the kids outside and away from the food in between meals.

#14. Place all the candy into a zip-lock bag.

I have been doing this for years because I am OCD and want everything neatly put away before it gets spread out over the entire house, but this would also be a great tip for moms and dads who are prone to swiping candy. Bag it up and put it away.

#15. Cut alcohol by 50%.

I got some eyebrow raises with this one, but here is the deal. At some point, you need to decide if you want to drink your carbs or eat your carbs.

When it is all said and done your body ultimately stores carbs in the same nutrient warehouse as sugar. If you want to cut back on unnecessary empty calories, then this is an easy way to do it.

Cut by 50% and enjoy a little more moderation. Your gut will thank you too.

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21 Ways To Prevent Overeating

#16. Exercise first thing in the morning.

Second to time with Jesus and drinking coffee, establishing an early morning routine has been the most transformational health habit in my life.

2 years ago when Lily turned one I forced myself to start getting up early in the morning before my kids.

It took me years to figure out all the hacks to consistently maintain an early morning routine, but part of that routine includes getting my workout done before the sun comes up (my sleep-loving self is still in shock).

This way when life happens during the day I no longer worry about getting my workout in because it is already done!

#17. Get a good night’s sleep.

Everyone around here knows how much I enjoy my sleep. I love sleeping. I get super excited when it is bedtime.

And a good night’s sleep is crucial to overall wellness and even fat loss.

If you struggle with falling asleep and staying asleep, then I have a whole list of resources you need to check out.

    #18. Sip on seltzer water/water while cooking.

    I intentionally do this each night while making dinner to consume more water, but it can also help curb hunger. For more tips on how to stay hydrated and drink enough water check out 11 Easy Ways to Drink More Water Every Day.

    #19. Avoid soda entirely.

    In some ways, this is a similar principle to tip #15 where I challenged you to consider if you would rather drink your carbs or eat your carbs.

    If you want to avoid tighter pants on January 1st, then one of the easiest ways to accomplish this is to eliminate soda entirely.

    A soda or a piece of pie? You decide.

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    Mediterranean 7-Layer Dip

    21 Ways To Prevent Overeating

    #20. Bring the healthy dish.

    When all else fails sign up to bring the healthy stuff! If you are certain that there won’t be any fresh greens, then bring a salad loaded with fresh vegetables.

    Offer to bring the dish that helps you maintain your fitness and nutrition goals.

    #21 Use a lunch plate instead of a dinner plate.

    This is a go-to tip to prevent overeating all year round, but this may not be an option when you are out. The idea is this – a typical dinner plate measures over 10 inches; a lunch plate is typically around 8 inches.

    If portion control is a struggle, then within your own home, when you are in control of the food, choose to regularly use a lunch plate for your meals.

    Stay OFF the scale!!

    This is my bonus tip. Unless you have a medical reason to weigh yourself regularly this practice MUST CHANGE. #ditchthescale

    It is unnecessary at best and mentally and emotionally destructive at worst.

    If you want to learn natural strategies with daily accountability to pursue food freedom and start shedding inches, then now is the PERFECT TIME to sign up for my next round of the FASTer Way to Fat Loss which starts on Monday December 5th.

    For more Christmas inspiration be sure to check out:

      What tips do you have for eating healthy over the holidays?! Comment below!

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      Worried about holiday weight gain? Use these 21 ways to prevent overeating and actually enjoy your food MORE.
      Worried about holiday weight gain? Use these 21 ways to prevent overeating and actually enjoy your food MORE.

      Worried about holiday weight gain? Use these 21 ways to prevent overeating and actually enjoy your food MORE.

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