Sometimes you just need to hear it again

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That you are amazing. That you matter. That you are loved. Take a deep breath. You don’t need to prove anything here. <3

In preparation for my new website, I have been going through tons and tons of pictures and this one made me smile.

If we could sum up family life right now, then this is about right. Change the background to a beach somewhere and you have the Fulmer family to a tee.

Caleb got a massive Knex kit for Christmas, so he had a little buddy come over and they spent 2 hours building this thing.

They did an amazing job!

It was spirit week at school for the kids, and Gracie went all out every day. I was never quite sure what each day’s wardrobe would entail. This particular outfit was for “crazy day”.

And in true Lily fashion, this was the one day she did not want to wear a crazy outfit. If you are new around here, then let me explain the irony. My youngest daughter has a proclivity for out-of-the-ordinary outfits. Keep scrolling.

Do you have a vintage dough bowl that you aren’t sure what to do with?  This week on the bog, I shared 8 ways to decorate with antique dough bowls

I also shared a great winter weeknight recipe! Loaded with protein and veggies simmered in a flavorful sauce, this slow cooker chicken and veggies marinara recipe is easy and delicious.

On the podcast, I chatted with author and health coach, BJ Thompson, who shared his 4 simple steps that have changed the lives of thousands. Cut through the clutter of goals and resolutions, and use BJ’s proven system to enjoy an authentically healthier, happier you.  

Let’s check out more inspiration from this week’s Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop!

This easy baked potato soup is loaded with smooth potatoes, melty cheese, bacon, and green onions.

Make the transition between Christmas decor to winter decor a little easier with these 5 winter decorating tips that you can apply to your home, no matter your style.

This DIY Valentine’s pillow is budget-friendly and comes together easily with only a few basic supplies.

From easy ingredients to bright colors, these Valentine’s sprinkle cookies will be the star of any Valentine’s Day celebration.

These blueberry angel biscuits are soft and golden, and the cream cheese filling with the blueberry just elevates it!

Have a great weekend!

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