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Outerbanks Beach Trip 2021

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It was our first year ever at Outerbanks Beach, and what a memorable first trip it was!

For those of you who missed last week’s post, we go to the beach with Zach’s extended Fulmer family on the odd years, and then we go to the beach with our immediate families on the even years.

Fulmer Family, Outerbanks 2021

Thankfully our trip down was uneventful (Unlike our trip home. Ugh. Read to the end.), and as usual our kids wanted to visit the ocean as soon as we arrived.

Beach babe after my own heart. This girl loves everything about the beach.

How sweet is this pic?

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Famous last words – “Kids, we aren’t going to get in the water tonight.”

Unfortunately, it rained 5 out of the 7 days we were there, but we still made it down to the beach in our long sleeve shirts and hoodies.

I know couples who do not enjoy their in-law families, and I am so thankful that is not the case for me (or for Zach).

Even if they do refer to me as, “The Machine,” and suspect me every single round of Mafia.

My husband’s words, “Investigate her first thing every time. She cannot be trusted.” That’s a sign of a healthy relationship right?!

Outerbanks Beach Trip 2021

Rainy Day Fun

MomMom and Lily

The upside to the constant rain is that we played lots and lots of games.

Lily, PawPaw, and MawMaw

Even 10 years later God’s sense of humor still makes me smile.

Imagine your grandson marrying your best friend’s granddaughter and you have me and Zach’s grandparents’ story.

Caleb and PawPaw

Could PawPaw have ever imagined that one day he would be playing cards on a family beach vacation with his great-grandson who also happens to be his best friend from high school’s great-grandson?


Speaking of craziness let’s talk about the obsession with these Spin and Slide DJ Panda toys.

Every single kid played with these toys non-stop including my 8 and 6 year old.

This toy became such an icon he got his own special picture featured in the shared family beach photo album.

Needless to say if you are looking for a toy idea, then DJ Panda comes highly recommended by the Fulmer great-grandchildren.

Lily loves cousin, Tyanne!

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When the parents have as much fun as the kids in the sand.

So much love for Aunt Aubrey.

Lots of reading on this rainy beach vacay.

One of the things that we loved about the Outerbanks was how many of the houses had these greenhouse pools!

In case you are confused, yes that is my sister, Emily, in the blue and white pin striped bathing suit.

She has gotten to know a lot of the Fulmer cousins over the last couple years, so she brought her camper van down and stayed in the driveway for a few nights which was super fun.

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If you haven’t checked out Emily’s camper van conversion yet, watch the video above. She traveled across the country and back in it this summer.

Also if you missed the tour of her adorable 100 Year Old Modern Vintage City Home, then be sure to check it out. I had so much fun staging and photographing it.

Food makes us happy.

Zach was channeling his inner chef for the prep of this rainy morning breakfast.

Nothing says “I love you” like holding your cousin’s hair back, so she can pour the dessert. Tyler, we thank you for your service.

Lily loves her baby cousins!

Outerbanks Beach Trip 2021

Sand and Waves

This girl loves the sand.

Case in point.

I hustled hard to work ahead so that I could just play while on vacation.

As a working mom there is little more satisfying than being able to fully focus on having fun with your kids.

One day on the beach he really wanted to collect shells and hand them out to people.

For the next hour, anyone who walked by or happened to be sitting in the general vicinity got a shell.

At least 100 people got a seashell in that hour. Love this sweet boy, and his uninhibited little heart.

Those are 4 AMAZING women right there.

We cousins had some drop-the-mic kind of late night conversations this week, and listen, if you don’t have a friend in life asking you hard questions and challenging you to rise up, then GET YOU ONE.

Like, yesterday. #ironsharpensiron

YouTube player

Charades, fajita night, fantasy football draft, and dance parties.

This hole in the sand started as short term entertainment and ended in an attempt to hit water (which was successful by the way).

Zach and Lily took the second shift.

And then Tyler took it home.

7 ft later . . .

Please take note of all my beautiful sand towers that were individually crowned according to the nearest trash availability (tower “apple core” was my personal favorite).

One rainy day when we didn’t go to the beach Caleb told us how he missed his friend.

We asked him who his friend was, and he said, “You know, my friend, the ocean.”

Did you know the beach is a huge part of our backstory?

In fact is goes the whole way to back to the 1970’s.

I will save that story for another time, but what a sweet story it is.

I wish I could say that was the end of the week and what a lovely end it was, however we had to take an unexpected pit stop on our way home which turned an easy 7 hr trip into an all day excursion.

Let’s just say Caleb’s pre-puke carsick warning sounds like, “Mommy, I need some new air.” (What?)

IE: I’m about to spew Panera chunks all over myself, my car seat, and every bag within the general vicinity.

Gracie was a champ holding the trash bag, but proclaimed she would never eat again and promptly tossed her unfinished bagel out the window.

Several layers of wet clothing later, and we finally got home safely.

I loved your DMs when I shared this on IG. Those of you have have been there know just how special it is to clean out a puky car seat.

We truly had a wonderful week despite the final mishap, and I look forward to going back!

Thanks for “joining us” on the beach. See you here tomorrow!

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  1. Well, (other than the ride home!) it sounds like such a wonderful trip! We spent a very rainy week in Carolina Beach earlier this month and while we enjoyed it we spent hardly any time at the beach at all; my boys are just not beach boys.

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