Remodeling Your Body With Food, Fitness, And Faith

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Join us on our newest podcast episode with Diana Chaloux-Lacerte, co-CEO of HitchFit Online Personal Training. Starting from her rock bottom moment to clinching the title of a world champion fitness athlete, Diana’s journey is a testament to the power of sheer will and the right mindset.

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With Diana’s wisdom, you’ll grasp the importance of tuning into your body’s needs, the discipline to fuel it correctly, and the magic that unfolds when you align your actions with your renewed identity.

Diana doesn’t hold back as she recounts the life-altering decision to stop making excuses and start making changes – a moment that many can relate to but few act upon. We share the nuts and bolts of creating a lifestyle that’s not enslaved by fad diets or temporary fixes but fortified by sustainable habits and ironclad accountability. Diana’s narrative is a compelling call to action for anyone hovering on the verge of taking that leap into a fitter, happier existence.

Beyond the personal transformation, this episode isn’t shy about exploring how community and kinship play a crucial role in our growth trajectory. Diana opens up about the tough choices she faced, like distancing herself from negativity and the pivotal role that an empowering tribe played in her success. We even get a sneak peek into the life-changing Soul Fit retreats that merge faith, fitness, and fellowship. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or someone just dipping your toes into the wellness waters, this episode promises a treasure trove of insights that could well be the catalyst for your own revolution.

About Diana Chaloux-Lacerte

Diana Chaloux-Lacerte is the co-CEO of Hitch Fit Online Personal Training and Hitch Fit Transformation Gym in Kansas City with her husband, Micah LaCerte. She is also Co-CEO of SoulFIT Retreats where they lead through faith, fitness, and fun. As a two-time world champion fitness athlete, Diana is committed to arming her clients with the tools they need to embrace whole-body wellbeing. She’s personally coached thousands of people around the globe to transform their lifestyles and achieve their fitness goals.

Diana’s passion for the past 25+ years of her life has been helping transform people inside
and out through proper lifestyle, positive choice-making, nutrition, and fitness. Diana and
her husband have helped clients in 82 countries lose over 600,000 pounds and their business

Hitch Fit has consistently been rated one of the top online personal training businesses in the world for the last decade. Diana has been featured in the media over 100+ times including TV appearances, fitness and business magazine covers, articles, and podcasts, as well as being named a Kansas City Business Journal’s Women Who Mean Business honoree.

As a professional speaker and 5x published author, Diana is a wealth of knowledge in health and fitness as well as entrepreneurship. She especially enjoys working with women over 40 and busy business executives looking for doable ways and usable tools to improve their health and fitness. She tackles the challenges faced by this high-performing population in her latest book, Business of Your Body: The Burnt-Out, Stressed-Out, Non-Stop Busy Business Professionals Guide to Being CEO of Your Health and Fitness.

Over the years, Diana and her husband, Micah, have committed to using their business success and ventures to give back and support a variety of philanthropic. More than 10% of all revenue goes to philanthropic causes, including their school of sponsored children in Haiti which they have been supporting since 2012. A portion of all proceeds from each SoulFIT Retreat and Conference is donated to a designated charity.

Connect with Diana

Instagram: @DianaChaloux, @SoulFITRetreats, @Fitover40women

Website: www.HitchFit.com

Hitch Fit Online Personal Training / SoulFIT Retreats (our next retreat is coming up May 30 – June 3!

Business of Your Body: The Burnt-Out, Stressed-Out, Non-Stop Busy Business Professionals Guide to Being CEO of Your Health and Fitness. Buy the book: https://bit.ly/3TgS3ag

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