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How To Stop Feeling Frantic and Rise Prepared

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What if the key to transforming your chaotic mornings was a simple shift in focus? Join us as we chat with Alex Schauer, a dynamic entrepreneur and mother of four, who reveals how an early morning habit transformed her life.

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Alex shares her journey from feeling overwhelmed by the demands of running a business and raising four boys to finding profound calm and renewal by prioritizing sleep and “being” over “doing.” You’ll learn how stopping evening snacks improved her rest, allowing her to start each day with a clearer mind and a stronger spiritual connection, ultimately boosting her productivity and overall well-being.

In our conversation, Alex recounts the intense and emotional story of welcoming her fourth son, Duke, under challenging circumstances. From an unexpected labor with severe delivery complications to a period of isolation due to a positive COVID test, Alex found solace in her early morning routine. Her habit of prayer and reflection brought unexpected strength and peace, helping her navigate these trials with resilience and gratitude. Discover how this transformative practice can shift your perspective from feeling frantic to being prepared, and enjoy an invitation to join the Early Morning Habit community for personal growth and empowerment.

Join the revival today.  Thank Alex for sharing her story by signing up through her link. https://ahnafulmer.com/early-morning-habit/?ref=alexschauer

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