How to Install Solar Panels for FREE
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Save Money And Install Solar Panels for FREE!

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Lower your electric bill, decrease emissions, and save money for years to come by learning how to install solar panels for FREE.

Save Money And Install Solar Panels for FREE

How to Install Solar Panels for FREE

Do you remember when we finished the free solar panel installation process on our third fixer upper with Trinity Solar?

This is the second of our homes that we have installed free solar panels with Trinity.

And guess what?

You can too!

And in super exciting news, in addition to the 8 states listed below Trinity is now serving FLORIDA! If you are a Floridian be sure to contact a rep for your free consult today, save money on electricity, and earn $1000 by referring your neighbor!

How to Install a Solar System for FREE and Earn $500

Here was our solar system with Trinity at the Classic Colonial!

Save Money And Install Solar Panels for FREE

Trinity Solar

How to Install a Solar System for FREE and Earn $500

First of all, Trinity Solar is the largest privately-owned residential solar installation company in the nation.  They have installed over 50,000 solar systems, have an A+ accredited BBB rating,  and currently operates out of 9 states.  If you live in one of these states, then you may qualify for a FREE solar system with Trinity as well!

Trinity is now serving Florida! If you live in Florida I highly recommend contacting a rep for your free consult HERE!

  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Florida (BRAND NEW!!)
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island

“I would recommend Trinity Solar to anyone!  The installation was done quickly, and the crew was very professional.  It has been a year, and I have seen a significant decrease in my electric bill!  I was very pleased with the staff and the overall process from beginning to end!”  – K. Ward

How to Install a Solar System for FREE and Earn $500


Save Money And Install Solar Panels for FREE

What is Solar Energy and How Does It Work?

How to Install a Solar System for FREE and Earn $500

The following explanation from Energy Sage helped me to understand what solar energy is and how I could use it in my home.

“Solar is one of the fastest growing and cheapest sources of power in the world, and will continue to spread rapidly in the coming years. With solar panel technology improving each year, the economic benefits of solar improve, adding to the environmental perks of choosing a clean, renewable energy source.

A common way for property owners to take advantage of solar energy is with a photovoltaic (PV) solar system. With a solar PV system, solar panels convert sunlight right into electricity that can be used immediately, stored in a solar battery, or sent to the electric grid for credits on your electric bill.

Solar panels convert solar energy into usable electricity through a process known as the photovoltaic effect. Incoming sunlight strikes a semiconductor material (typically silicon) and knocks electrons loose, setting them in motion and generating an electric current that can be captured with wiring. This current is known as direct current (DC) electricity and must be converted to alternating current (AC) electricity using a solar inverter. This conversion is necessary because the U.S. electric grid operates using AC electricity, as do most household electric appliances.

Solar energy can be captured at many scales using photovoltaics, and installing solar panels is a smart way to save money on your electric bill while reducing your dependence on nonrenewable fossil fuels. Large companies and electric utilities can also benefit from photovoltaic solar energy generation by installing large solar arrays that can power company operations or supply energy to the electric grid.”

“My spouse and I are really pleased with Trinity Solar, and I highly recommend them to anyone interested in going solar.  The permit process went well, and the installation of the system was flawless.  The timeline went as expected.  Thanks team Trinity!”  – E. O’Connor, N.Y.

How to Install a Solar System for FREE and Earn $500

Save Money And Install Solar Panels for FREE

Why Solar Energy?

How to Get a Solar System for FREE and Make $500
Here was the install happening at the Classic Colonial.

Ok, so you understand what it is and how it works (but let’s be honest when people start throwing around words like “photovoltaic” we start to tune out).

Let’s get practical and talk about the good stuff.

Why replace your electric energy with solar powered energy?

How to Install a Solar System for FREE and Earn $500

Justin, our rep with Trinity solar, wrote out this sheet during our initial consult.  Having had a solar system on the house we just sold one year ago, I totally agree with his comparison. 

Key takeaways:

  1. Save money by eliminating or significantly reducing your electric bill.
  2. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions which contribute to reported climate changes.
  3. Sell your home faster and for more money by increasing the overall value.
  4. Reduce lung and heart problems by significantly reducing air pollutants such as nitrous oxides, sulfur dioxide, and particulate matter emissions.

Save money.  Save the environment.

How to Install a Solar System for FREE and Earn $500

“The installation was done very professionally.  We don’t have any pipes running across our roof.  Only the panels show.  We didn’t have to pay anything for the system or the installation – just the energy our house produces.  And the cherry on top is that we’re saving our environment.” – D. Krue, M.A.

How to Install a Solar System for FREE and Earn $500

Save Money And Install Solar Panels for FREE

How Do I Qualify for a Solar System?

How to Install a Solar System for FREE and Earn $500

Ok, so you are interested, but HOW do you qualify?  Below is the exact process we went through with Trinity Solar.

I can tell you this process is EASY or else we wouldn’t have done it twice.

Step 1:  Initial Consult

This is when a Trinity rep will first meet with you at your house and review your home’s solar potential.  This is the biggest factor in whether or not you will qualify for a free system.  In order for Trinity Solar to benefit from giving you a free solar system, then there has to be enough energy generated to cover your electric usage and also leave enough energy credits for Trinity.

But don’t worry.

This is not something you have to figure out.

When you sign-up for an initial consult there is no obligation to anything and a dime never leaves your pocket from beginning to end.

If you don’t qualify, then you end at step 1.  If you do qualify, then they will offer to move to step 2 .

How to Install Solar Panels for FREE and Earn $500

The kids were very into learning about solar energy.

Step 2: Design Approval

If it is determined your roof would generate enough energy based on your sun exposure and yearly electric usage (they will need to see a recent electric bill), then Trinity’s engineering department creates a solar panel design that is as aesthetically pleasing as possible and will review it with you for approval.

How to Install a Solar System for fREE and Earn $500

Reviewing the design proposal!

How to Install a Solar System for fREE and Earn $500

This is the design plan for our current home that will be installed in April!

It is during this visit that your potential cost savings will be reviewed. Our first house we saved $500 in the first year, and the projected savings based on the kWh rate was almost $50,000 over the course of 25 years! 


This varies from house to house and in our current home we use a lot more electric due to not having gas available and have a smaller roof, so the savings is not as drastic but still worth it! 

Also to note, if your system produces more than you end up using in a year, the local utility company will cut you a check annually.


Step 3: Permit/Utility approval

Trinity really takes it from here.  You will sign papers, but otherwise Trinity does all the work with your local electric utility company to get approval to generate solar energy into the grid.


Step 4: Installation

Approximately 2-3 months after your initial survey visit your solar system will be installed.  The installation takes about 3 days to complete.

How to Get a Solar System for FREE and Make $500

Here was the install happening at the Classic Colonial.


Here is the install happening at our  current home.

Step 5: Inspection and Permission to Operate

The system will then be inspected, the utility company will update your meter, and approximately one month after install your system will be given permission to operate!

How to Install a Solar System for FREE and Earn $500

Our FREE solar system at the Classic Colonial!


Our solar system at the French Country Cottage!

“I have been a Trinity customer since 2005.  I had such a good experience that I referred family, friends, co-workers, and even complete strangers.”  – J. Storrow, N.J.

How to Install a Solar System for FREE and Earn $500

We have had multiple friends and family qualify and sign up!

Zach’s aunt and uncle in Lancaster, PA.

Our fabulous neighbors in Lancaster, PA.

Cousins in Williamsport, PA.

Ok, let’s talk through the process so you understand how it works.

“The installation team was wonderful, and they were a pleasure to have at our home and did a great job.  They were very attentive to our desire to minimize the visibility of electric conduits from the roof to the meter.”  – E. Kissel, C.T.

How to Install a Solar System for FREE and Earn $500

Save Money And Install Solar Panels for FREE

Referral Program

How to install a FREE solar system and earn $500

Trinity Solar does business based primarily on referrals.  They rely on satisfied customers to tell their neighbors, friends and family about the incredible opportunity to save money, help the environment and build equity in their home for FREE!

If one person decides to do the same because of your referral, then Trinity Solar will cut you an additional check for $500. 

In our very first year with solar panels, we got a free system, saved $500 on our electric bill and got a check for $500 for referring our neighbor.  BAM.

$1000 into the bank for using the earth’s natural resources.

Answers to questions we are frequently asked:

  • Selling our home with the solar panels was no problem.  I had to educate the realtors, but as soon as they understood the process potential buyers never showed hesitation because of the system, and in fact, loved that their monthly electric bill was a standardized payment to the solar company for use of the panels.  The system easily transferred to the next homeowners.
  • If there’s damage to the panels, then the system is fully covered during the 25 year term and the solar company takes full responsibility for repairing them.
  • After 25 years, you can choose to purchase the system, remove the system, or upgrade to a new one.

If you have more questions, then feel free to ask me in the comments below, or even better schedule your initial consult today! 

How to Install a Solar System for FREE and Earn $500

Contact Justin with Trinity Solar by clicking on the “schedule a consult today button.” 

Happy saving!!

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how to Install Solar Panels for FREE

How to Install Solar Panels for FREE

How to Install a Free Solar System and Earn $500

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  1. Hello, I have one important question about the Solar Panels. What happens if at anytime, once the panels are installed, my roof starts getting old, or has a leak and needs repair or replacement?

    1. That’s a great question. I cannot speak to other solar companies, but with Trinity they will take the panels off if need be for roof repair or damage and then put them back on. They will not usually install panels on a roof that is going to need replaced in a couple years, but for unexpected roof damage or repair they will take them off then reinstall. They also cover any damage from the elements (tree falling, hail etc) to the solar panels themselves. It’s nice to not have to worry about it and one of the reasons I personally prefer leasing them as opposed to buying them. I hope that helps!

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