Family Cookie Night Christmas Tradition 2021

Family Cookie Night Christmas Tradition 2021

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It’s our yearly family cookie night Christmas tradition with our favorite treats and goodies including recipes and food lists!

Family Cookie Night Christmas Tradition 2021

It is year 5 of our annual family Christmas cookie night!

Family Cookie Night Christmas Tradition 2021

Every year around Christmas time we roll up our sleeves, put on our aprons, blare Christmas music and make dozens of Christmas goodies to put into bags along with our family Christmas card that we hand out to teachers, neighbors, coaches, cleaning lady, etc.

Family christmas cookie night
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Family christmas Cookie Night 2020

Look how little my kiddos looked at last year’s cookie night. It’s crazy how much they grow in one year!

I have shared this before but any event that happens on an annual basis gets its own sheet in my cookbook where I consolidate all of the recipes to one page.

Like this one, I use for our annual fondue party.

It will often list supplies needed and include a party schedule if applicable etc.

It is not fancy but it works.

Here is our reoccurring annual cookie night recipe list. We don’t make every recipe on this list each year but most of them.

Family Christmas Cookie Night

  1. Toffee Crackers
  2. Pudding Cookies
  3. Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Rods
  4. Sugar Cookies
  5. Puppy Chow

Below are the recipe links. Be sure to scroll to the end for this year’s Christmas fun!

Family Cookie Night Christmas Tradition 2021

#1. Toffee Crackers

Toffee Crackers Recipe

This is by far the most requested recipe every Christmas.

A couple of the football coaches on Zach’s staff would always check to make sure their Christmas treat bag included the toffee crackers. 

I think they may have resigned on the spot, otherwise.  Ha. 

There is something about these sweet and salty treats that are hard to stop eating until you are on the verge of a hyperglycemic coma (ie: sugar coma). 

They are easy to make with your kids and the perfect way to be together in the kitchen!

Family Cookie Night Christmas Tradition 2021

#2. Vanilla Pudding Cookies

This cookie dough recipe has been my go-to for years.

I cannot even remember where this recipe came from, but I have been making them since college.

I make chocolate dough and vanilla dough with, of course, pudding!

They are buttery, moist, and still one of the yummiest cookies I have ever tasted.

I have made them a dozen different ways over the years.

Vanilla Pudding Cookies Recipe

Christmas M&M Cookies.

One of our favorites – mint chocolate cookies made with the chocolate dough and mini-Andes mints!

Chocolate Chip Vanilla Pudding Cookies

The BEST chocolate chip cookies made with the vanilla dough and, of course, chocolate chips.

Chocolate Chip Vanilla Pudding Cookies

Family Cookie Night Christmas Tradition 2021

#3. Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Family Christmas cookie night

Family Cookie Night Christmas Tradition 2021

#4. Sugar Cookies

This is the one recipe I buy in a box. I don’t bother making this dough from scratch. We all need a free pass somewhere, and this is the one that I use.

Plus, let’s be honest, this dough is more for having fun with than eating.

My kids have a blast cutting out the dough with all of our cookie cutters! They do all the rolling, cutting etc.

#5. Puppy Chow

Easy and delicious.

It is an anticipated addition to the Christmas bag every year, and it takes a total of 5 minutes to make.

Family Cookie Night Christmas Tradition 2021

Family Cookie Night Christmas Tradition 2021

For more holiday inspiration be sure to check out:

I LOVE learning about new Christmas traditions. What are your Christmas traditions?

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