Our French Country House – Where It All Began

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Our French Country House started with a dream. A space custom built to promote the kind of memories you want to create.

But where does one start when building a house?

As you drive by homes, visit with friends and family, travel to other towns – see what speaks to you.

Which houses make you turn your head and look twice? Put a mental star next to those and ask yourself what it is about them that made you look a second time. Once you have some of those answers “build” on that and start designing your forever home!

For me, those mental stars inevitably end up beside homes with old-world charm (and large front porches with columns).

I have always loved the character in old homes and thinking about the stories that lay buried in years gone by.

Our French Country House – Where It All Began

I was blessed to grow up running around on two such properties owned by each of my grandparents – both farm were originally built when George Washington was president.

Gramma and Grampa have lived on their 100-acre farm for over 60 years. The original farmhouse on the property burnt down and was rebuilt in 1898. The gorgeous stone barn however was built in 1790. So much history behind that stone!

Oma and Opa, German for gramma and grampa, my other grandparents bought their farmhouse built circa 1763 in the 70s, and my grandfather redesigned and contracted the renovations himself (this apple did not fall far from the proverbial tree).

26 Hollow Rd

This 4400 sqft beauty sat on top of a hill overlooking more than 100 acres of farmland and woods.

I spent countless hours on both farms, and so began my love of old-world charm.

Stay tuned for posts on both farms, and how this love developed into the French Country style and designing our French Country House

Ahna Fulmer // Hammers N Hugs

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