Brides, Barns, and a Blast from the Past

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With two sisters getting married bachelorette getaways, bridal showers, and bachelor parties have been the bulk of our weekends for the past couple of months.

Last weekend we hosted my sister’s bridal shower in our grandparents’ barn.

This barn has seen many memories over the years, and this party was especially memorable because my sister, Emily, and her future husband, Tyler, (who also happens to be Zach’s cousin) met for the first time in this barn at our rehearsal dinner 12 years ago.

Zach and me, at our rehearsal dinner 12 years ago.

After our rehearsal dinner in the barn, we set up a massive water slide down the hill that quickly became a competition for Zach and his groomsmen of former football teammates.

Amazingly no one sustained any injuries the night before our big day even after the boys duct taped Zach’s hands, blindfolded him, and let him loose in my grandparent’s cornfield. #truestory

We are going to do a rinse and repeat of my rehearsal dinner for my sister’s rehearsal dinner at the barn (sans the duct taping), which is such a special full-circle moment.

My sister and me 12 years ago.

And how it’s going now.

Oh, and 12 years later I have a 10-year-old daughter who I will be singing a duet with at said sister’s wedding. I am not crying. I am not crying. Ugh. Prayers appreciated. Ha.

2 more weeks until the big day. Happy weekend dear friends!

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  1. This is so beautiful! What a wonderful place(the barn) for family to gather and celebrate. Congratulations to your sister. I will be praying for you and your sweet daughter and your magical and loving performance at the wedding.
    Have a great weekend, be safe.

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