5 Things Every Bedroom Needs for Winter
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5 Things Every Bedroom Needs for Winter

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Create a cozy bedroom, improve sleep, and stay healthy with these 5 things every bedroom needs for winter!

This post is sponsored, but all opinions expressed are my own.
5 Things Every Bedroom Needs for Winter

5 Things Every Bedroom Needs For Winter

I love October.

It is my favorite month of the year here in Lancaster, PA.

The trees are bursting with vibrant oranges, reds and yellows.

The sun is warm during the day, but the evening breeze is cool enough to enjoy a fire at night.

Coffee mugs double as hand warmers, and “Apple Cider” is not only a drink but also the aroma of my favorite seasonal candle (Antique Candle Co).

But another fabulous transformation happens this time of year not outside but inside of our home.

Specifically in our bedrooms.

I am sharing 5 things we do every fall in our bedrooms to prepare for winter! All of these ideas are also perfect for your guest bedroom over the holidays!

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#1. Flannel Bed Sheets

Eddie Bauer Winter Flannel Sheets

Ahhhhh, flannel bed sheets. Just talking about them makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

We take our flannel bed sheets very seriously around these parts, and this time every year the kids start bugging me to put the flannel sheets on their beds (might have something to do with the fact that we don’t turn the heat on until our snot is turning to snotsicles). #frugaliving

5 Things Every Bedroom Needs for Winter
Dune Herringbone Flannel Bed Sheets – Boll and Branch

Our kiddos each have a set of holiday flannel sheets that get used all winter long, and they also make a great Christmas present if you can’t think of what to get your niece or nephew!

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But I have to share something with you.

We have discovered the most amazing flannel bed sheets, and I am afraid we have been rendered unable to enjoy the lesser versions ever again.

Every time I see a poll on the best bed sheets a highly acclaimed company called Boll and Branch ALWAYS receives more than an honorable mention and fans rave about how amazing they are.

Well, I have been privileged to partner with this organization not just because their bed sheets are actually as amazing as people claim them to be, but also because of what Boll and Branch stands for.

Fair trade.  Fair wages.  Fair working conditions.   

In an effort to prevent the often inhumane working conditions of conventional cotton farms, Boll and Branch is committed to using 100% organic cotton which means improved working conditions for thousands of farmers.

Last year alone they bought 2.4 million pounds of Fair Trade seed cotton allowing nearly 13,000 farmers to stay out of debt.

A means of encouraging others to live WELL – a core value here at Hammers N Hugs.

(Peak your head around my influencer curtain for a minute –> Boll and Branch did NOT ask me to tell you any of that. I chose to because it deserves to be stated.)

Read more about Boll and Branch here.

A couple of weekends ago my kids discovered our new flannel sheets for the first time. Like I said, flannel sheets are highly celebrated around here.

I cannot recommend these sheets enough. For a limited time, take 15% off your order from Boll and Branch with the code SHEETS15!

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5 Things Every Bedroom Needs For Winter

#2.  Essential Oil Diffuser

I am not sure when we became “those” people who started diffusing essential oils, but I love the natural aromatherapy and who doesn’t want to add spa-like vibes to their home?

One of the best strategies to preventing disease and staying healthy over the winter (or ANY TIME for that matter) is high-quality sleep.

Read 13 Tips to Sleep Better at Night.

Many research studies have reported the therapeutic benefits of lavender on improving the quality sleep.

5 Things Every Bedroom Needs for Winter

We have been using this oil diffuser by Pure Guardian, and I like it because you can set it on a timer which means it will automatically turn off after a set amount of time. I set it for 60 minutes right before bed, and the room smells amazing even in the morning.

Peppermint is my favorite, but I know there are a lot of incredible fall blends!

Check out these oil diffusers, and create your own spa-like bedroom.

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5 Things Every Bedroom Needs For Winter

#3. Throw Blanket

5 Things Every Bedroom Needs for Winter

This could be one of several types of blankets.

It could be a duvet cover that you keep at the end of the bed to pull up on the colder nights. It could be a simple throw blanket or even a weighted blanket for added comfort as needed.

Zach and I keep this white duvet cover at the end of our bed. Some nights we pull it up and other nights we don’t, but it is there if one of us needs it.

This is also a great thing to have on a guest bed at all times.

Our kiddos each have a throw blanket at the end of their bed for the winter.

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Take 15% off your blanket order with Boll and Branch for a limited time with the code SHEETS15!

None of us have ever tried a weighted blanket, but you can read all about them in this post and learn the right weight for you and what the research says about them!

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5 Things Every Bedroom Needs For Winter

#4. Humidifier

If I got a dollar for every time I recommended a bedroom humidifier to a patient in the ER, then I am not sure I would ever need to work another day in my life.

To be clear humidifiers do not treat disease, but they are fabulous at mitigating symptoms (dry cough, stuffy nose, congestion, sore throat . . . ).

We have a humidifier in every bedroom. The humidifier stays as close to the side of the bed as possible, and it is preferable to buy one that has a nozzle that can swivel.

This is the one I recommend to everyone. Again, it is not treating disease but more so managing symptoms, and we get them out every fall right around this time, and they stay out all winter long!

We have 4 of these humidifiers by Pure Guardian, and two of them are nearly 5 years old and still going strong – I sanitize them at the end of every season!

We turn them on low for 8 hours every night. I am in the process of writing a separate post just for humidifier tips and tricks! They are wonderful!!

5 Things Every Bedroom Needs For Winter

#5.  A dose of Sunshine

I have mentioned this before, but I believe one of the essential aspects to making a bedroom a place of relaxation and rest is to add a statement of beauty that especially speaks to your heart.

Over the winter I would call this a daily dose of sunshine.

Something that makes you smile each morning you see it and brings some light to your life.

C.S. Lewis once said, “We do not want merely to see beauty . . . We want something else which can hardly be put into words — to be united with the beauty we see, to pass into it, to receive it into ourselves, to bathe in it, to become part of it.”

It could be a piece of artwork, a drawing from your kids, a note from a loved one, a favorite picture, a bouquet of flowers.

Choose one thing inspires you with it’s beauty and add a dose of sunshine to your bedroom to cheer you up over the long winter months.

5 Things Every Bedroom Needs for Winter

I rotate pictures and notes in and out of this clipboard that stands on my dresser.

When I realize it’s been there long enough that I don’t notice it anymore I switch it out for something new to make me smile!

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How do you get your bedroom ready for winter?!

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5 Things Every Bedroom Needs for Winter
5 Things Every Bedroom Needs for Winter
5 Things Every Bedroom Needs for Winter

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